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SEO Non-Profit Volunteering Opportunities

If you’re an SEO and want to do more with your search engine optimization skills, supporting True SEO Hero isn’t the only way. The world is filled with non-profits working daily to help the world – and those non-profits need SEO expertise as well!

Most non-profits can’t afford to pay for a SEO consultant, and they don’t need a full time staff member. They just need someone – located anywhere in the world – who can review their site and do some keyword research and give them sound advice on how to improve their visibility in search engines. The vast majority of the time you do not even need to be in the same region or state as the non-profit. It’s a great way for an SEO or SEM to use you skills on your own time to help a cause you believe in.

Probably the easiest way to find these opportunities is to do a search on LinkedIn for “SEO Pro Bono” (this seems to drive much more relevant results than “SEO Volunteer” does).

But there are more non-profits in need of SEO assistance than you can find on LinkedIn. Here are several organizations that work to connect non-profits with SEOs:


“Catchafire connects social good organizations with pro bono professionals who want to donate their skills.”

Catchafire boasts a network of tens of thousands of professionals to help out non-profits in need of their skills. You could be one of those professionals.

One of the great things about Catchafire projects is that they are all set up to be done remotely, so physical location is never a barrier to working on a project.

To get started just go to and from their home page select “Digital Marketing” from the large drop-down menu that is front and center. You’ll find a list of projects ranging from SEO to SEM to social media to copywriting and PR. The project page includes information on the non-profit in the right sidebar, and if it’s a group that you want to support, hit Apply!


“We bring good people and good causes together”

VolunteerMatch boasts over 100 thousand participating organizations and, at the time of this writing, over 80 thousand volunteer opportunities.

Unlike Catchafire, VolunteerMatch includes both physical volunteer opportunities that require you to be in the city, and virtual remote work opportunities.

To get started go to VolunteerMatch and type “SEO” in their giant “I Care About…” search box. You’ll be taken to an internal search results page that defaults to local volunteer opportunities. At the top of the left sidebar, check the “Virtual” checkbox to get remote work volunteer opportunities (which is also where most of the SEO gigs live). Note that you may need to click the search button at the top of the left menu again if the results don’t repopulate.

You can click into any result for more information. To learn about the non-profit seeking your help, click on the name of the organization from the project listing page (just beneath the job title). If it’s a cause you want to support, just click the giant “I want to help” button.

Taproot Foundation

"The Taproot Foundation connects nonprofits and social change organizations with passionate, skilled volunteers who share their expertise pro bono. Through our programs, business professionals deliver marketing, strategy, HR and IT solutions that organizations need to achieve their missions.”

While the main Taproot page seems mostly focused on in-person volunteering, their page provides for virtual volunteering.

This site is quite a bit less friendly to would-be volunteers than Catchafire or VolunteerMatch: they have no search functionality and you have to create an account to get volunteer opportunities that match your skillset. I’ve never used them personally; however, I have seem then frequently list SEO pro bono opportunities on LinkedIn, so the SEO skillset is definitely something they have a demand for, even if they make is difficult to find.

Perhaps if you are also passionate about UX and development, you could offer to improve their site functionality.

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